Boosting Home Safety for Older Adults

Aging adults today have the advantage of being able to use technology combined with traditional strategies to extend the time they’re able to safely live independently in their own homes. With proper planning, your senior loved one could avoid many of the most common causes of hospitalization while still enjoying daily activities. Adding these strategies to your loved one’s plan to age in place can help them stay safe and healthy.

Start by Doing a Clean Sweep

Many home accidents are caused by simple clutter. If it’s been a while since your loved one had a chance to clear out the shelves in the closet or remove unwanted furniture, now’s the time to do it. Removing bulky furniture leaves more room to walk safely through the house. Clearing off a shelf can prevent items from falling on your loved one. Do a thorough walk-through of the home and remove any safety hazards you find.

Use Automated Medication Dispensers

Medication mishaps are one of the leading causes of senior hospitalizations. An automated or “smart” medication dispenser will send an alert to your loved one when it’s time to take a dose. You can also program the dispenser to dispense the appropriate amount of medication based on the dosing schedule. You may still need a caregiver to remind your loved one to take the medication on schedule. But the extra layer of protection can provide you with more peace of mind.

If your senior loved one needs hourly, live-in, or overnight home care, Corio by Institute on Aging (IOA) can help. Our caregivers can assist with exercise and mobility, prepare nutritious meals, provide timely medication reminders, and help with a wide array of other important daily tasks.

Brighten Up Dark Walkways

Poor lighting is another preventable cause of senior injuries. Check each room in the house to identify areas that could use more lighting. You can also update the lighting system to include automatic features that illuminate hallways and other common areas at night without your loved one having to search for the switch. Make sure to include outdoor walkways and porches in this step, since your loved one might need more lighting when taking the dog out for a walk or arriving home later than expected.


Professional caregivers can help seniors stay safe in their homes. Families looking for top-rated hourly, 24-hour, and live-in care providers can reach out to Corio by IOA.

Install Security Systems with Smart Technology

A home security system can do more than just send an alarm during a break-in. Security systems with video technology can allow you to check on your loved one’s home remotely to identify who’s at the door. Or you could use the system to set a code for a caregiver to use to enter during visits so your loved one doesn’t have to get up to answer the door. Smart security systems can also make it easier to call for help in an emergency.

Fill in Gaps with Personalized Home Care Services

Technology and assistive devices are amazing resources for increasing safety in your loved one’s home, but there are some things that still require a human touch. Talk to your loved one about which activities cause them anxiety throughout the day and if an in-home caregiver could help. From having someone nearby to prevent bathroom slip-and-fall accidents to knowing a caregiver will check to make sure your loved one turns off the stove, your loved one can benefit from having personalized home care that addresses every safety need. 

Seniors can face a variety of challenges as they age, many of which can be mitigated with the help of professional home caregivers who provide high-quality home care San Francisco services. Trust Corio by IOA to help your elderly loved one age in place safely and comfortably. Call us today at (415) 750-4111 to create a customized in-home care plan.